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Question   Professional Portrait
Denis completed a professional portrait project for me that had a tight timeline. He was a consummate professional; took the time to determine exactly what I needed, and made me feel comfortable with the process. His contemporary, fresh photos match the persona I need to project. He delivered much more value than he promised and the quality of the photos is the best I've ever had. The results were sensational.
Denis is an incredibly talented photographer and is one of the nicest people I've ever met - a true delight in every way. I am already planning our next photo shoot which promises to be exceptional and exciting in every way.
Elaine Biech
International business consultant and author

- Elaine Biech 4/10/2014 4:41:52 PM

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Question   Simply amazing!
I may be partial, but your talent with the lens reflects the deepness of your soul. I am privileged to share a part of it.

- Sam T 9/15/2012 4:23:03 AM

  Answer Sigh.. That is a beautiful sentiment xo

- Sarah Bostick  3/27/2014 9:41:50 AM

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Question   Our Wedding
Denis: I recently showed our wedding video to my hairdresser. She asked for your name so she could contact you for a family portrait. She loved the slide show and pictures. Steve and I also wrote a letter to the editor to thank you for the wonderful job you did, here it is. Keep warm

Dear Editor: We would like to thank Denis J Anderson for his distinctly artistic vision in capturing all our memories from our wedding day. He is very professional, flexible, and creative. Denis truly exceeded our expectations; we highly recommend him for any of your photography needs. We are truly blessed that he was such an integral part of our special day.
Sincerely, Stephen and Alyson Leitch

- Alyson Leitch 2/2/2011 3:00:45 AM

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Question   The Pictures and the Website.
I am really, really a fan of yours, and have been for more years than you you could imagine. Remember the black & white night pictures from the middle of I-94?

Have I finally found you again?

- Jeff Anderson 4/3/2010 8:33:31 PM

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Question   Impressive
Denis, We love your pictures - beautiful work.

- The Hardy Family 1/31/2010 7:20:03 AM

  Answer Thank you very much Tom and Jen. Now we have to get the Hardy family together for a beautiful family portrait. A gift from me to your little guy.

- Denis A.  1/31/2010 7:34:04 AM

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Question   how come you haven't put any new one in here?

- sam tyler 8/22/2009 2:42:02 PM

  Answer Just a tad busy I would imagine, but I will get right on it. And thank you for viewing my uncompleted website.

- Denis A.  8/22/2009 3:02:15 PM

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