Portrait or Personal Image - Denis J Anderson

Schooled in classic portraiture, and weddings. I studied at The Milwaukee Center for Photography, and had the privilege to serve a five year apprenticeship under a "Certified Master Craftsman" photographer. Through that experience my passion grew to be able to capture those moments in time that should be treasured for a lifetime.
Over the past 20 some years, my work has evolved from classic portraiture to a more contemporary, journalistic story telling stylization.
With the advent of digital photography it has opened so many more possibilities to the world of art. Editing software has become the new photographic darkroom. Many of the things I visualized years ago can now be accomplished through the digital media.
I am consistently re-evaluating my work and exploring the new possibilities that can now be realized in photographic art.
I have been trying to widen my scope by capturing those images that truly intrigue me. I consider myself and my images, like this website, still a work in progress.
Enjoy and please sign my guest book.

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